About Mary

I am a naturally happy person and the glass is always half full. I run on inspiration and am inspired by so much beauty around me. I see the world through rose coloured glasses. This isn't to say that negative things don't happen, and I have had my share of them too,  but these adversities have taught me the many lessons that made me who I am today and for this I am forever grateful.

There's always two sides to everything, the positive and the negative, but the way I view the world is that no matter what comes my way it will be OK and truly believe that everything in life is a lesson.

My favourite expression is "Some days are diamonds and some days are GOLD!" This has become a standing joke in my family because the actual wording from John Denver's famous song is " Some days are diamonds and some days are STONES"! Although I have listened to the song many times, in my mind the actual wording was GOLD because I think of everything in this positive way.

I am truly grateful to live in this timeline and I choose to see life as a beautiful journey of experiences, growth, love, inspiration and blessings.

As Wayne Dyer used to say "don't die with your music still in you".  I think this is really important as life is for living and should be a journey of fulfillment and joy.

I embrace every day with love, gratitude and blessings.


Accredited Life & Wellness Coach (The Life Coaching Academy)