Rarely have I had the opportunity to meet a person that radiates such a warm light and kindness. Mary is the epitome of beautiful and Im so grateful for the time that I have with her. Always with such a positive uplifting energy, Mary is compassionate and leaves me feeling excited about the possibilities of what comes next for me. I have always left our conversations with more confidence and self belief than I had previously and look forward to our next meeting.

Mary engages with honesty and integrity and with a genuine passion and zest for helping others - she does so without hesitation, judgement or prejudice. Mary gives me the depth of conviction to believe in myself and makes me being capable, seem effortless.

With many thanks for your guidance and support, love and willingness to see - and encourage - the very best of me.

Lisa xxx - July 2018


I wanted to change something in my life but wasn't sure what that something was..

Mary encouraged me to think deeply as her guidance allowed me to get to the deeper layers of the stagnate me. I discovered it was a belief system, my belief system and the way i looked and viewed my life at the time. Mary's  insight, guidance and wisdom gave me the tools to  to push through some of those belief systems that no longer served me.

After the sessions i felt energised and excited at the possibles that were  open to me, but was struggling to see. Thanks to Mary i see now that there are endless possiblities presenting themselves everywhere, all the time.

Thank you Mary  for your listening ear that is always so compassionate and nurturing.  I will continue to use the guidance and tools i learned from you as i keep moving forward in life. Thank you so much.

Daniella - Sydney xx  Jan 2017


To anyone looking for a life coach, I honestly couldn’t recommend Mary highly enough.   Mary has been my life coach for months at a time on and off and has really helped guide me through some very difficult times and given me the strength and motivation to keep going when no one else could.  She truly has the kindest of souls and you can tell she genuinely really cares about her clients and their needs and always goes above and beyond the call of duty to do whatever she can to help you in any area of life that you might be struggling with.  You very quickly develop a deep trust with Mary and not only is she your life coach but also a warm friend that goes out of her way to make herself available to you whenever she possibly can.  She is constantly sending you messages of encouragement and gives you sage advice, always with the warmest of hearts.  I know I will definitely be continuing to utilise Mary’s skills in the future, knowing that she is truly passionate about helping you live your best life.

Karen Goodman -  April 2016


I’ve had so much fun in my coaching sessions with Mary.  She really inspired me to get things done.

Her positivity is infectious and she managed to make me feel excited about completing tasks I had been avoiding.

Mary’s support and encouragement motivates you to keep going.

Mary was more enthusiastic about me achieving my goals than I was!

Amanda Easthorpe – August 2015


‘From that first moment I met her, she made me believe that anything is possible if I believed enough to feel that it is already there, before me.’

Thank you, Mary, for your natural way, your unphased presence of encouragements and guidance in my journey.

Long before she embarked on life coaching or the birth of this website, long before her pencil danced onto paper, with that spontaneous energy creating her logo of pure potential, she was already by default, by her true nature, inspired.

My gratitude to Mary throughout for her unconditional nature of believing, her continuous unphased encouragements and the determined will to make a change, even as simple as a thought, in my journey towards goals and aspirations.

As an observer throughout, I have witnessed her natural way of listening, then she would shed away all the distractions to arrive at the heart of things. Her universal simplification of returning to what makes you ‘you’ I have found to be potent with simplicity and a realisation that the only answer possible is, yes.

In her discussions, she dances with the possibilities that will bring fulfillment, purpose and happiness to you. You only need to spend a few moments with her to understand this curiously and enrichingly delightful personality.

As a participator in her consults, her suggestive subtle encouragements, her re-assurance that all is within and achievable and reachable if you believe what you need and want them, her full attention to you when you need to be heard and her reciprocating thoughts she places before you will have you realise something about yourself.

Loyal is her devotion to her purpose, her message is simple. Subtle, caring and almost unnoticed, she exudes a radiance of potential that is infectious, and you immediately feel that you are in a charming company that can only be summed up as a rare Soul.

To me, she redefines success to meaning the liberation of the inner true self.  She understands the ‘Art’ of people’, of what it is that we are meant to realise and what it is that holds us back, and that ever so potent word, thought and possibility that can take us to the places of our imagination.

By default, by her true nature, by the life force that she brings to us Mary is an Inspired Soul.

Alex Alfan